Nets Unlimited, Inc.

Golf Netting Examples

Golf Nets Unlimited designs and installs protective netting that fits both aesthetic and practical needs.

1. beige golf net structure, beige net—repainted existing structure, extended one panel and net replaced

2. beige golf net structure, black net—full installation

3. white golf net structure, white net—replacement of netting as per HOA requirements

4. beige golf net structure, black net—full installation

5. same as 4

6. beige golf net structure 30 height, beige net—full installation

7. same as 6

8. same as 6

9. infill panels customized to be removable for homeowner while out of town

10. difference between netting on a diamond (left) and square (right)—diamond installs are less visually intrusive

11. different view of 10—we installed the diamond net on the left

12. black net on black structure—full installation

13. example of batting cage installation

14. green golf net, which was a pulley system install so the homeowners could remove it as needed

15. example sunscreen/sunshade installation